"Our focus is to change the way you perceive cotton candy."

Once upon a time… Jason Angeles (co-founder) was watching the movie Shrek.  As Shrek and Fiona were walking through a field, Fiona sees cob webs laced with bugs.  She grabs a stick and weaves it into a cotton candy like dessert for Shrek. That's when Jason had his "ah-ha moment".  He  wondered why cotton candy doesn’t have ingredients weaved in.  

Fast forward to 2013, Jason reached out to Justin Isip and Nathaniel Villegas to co-found Sugar & Spun in June 2013. 

Gone are the days of boring and overly sweet blue or pink cotton candy. Our new standard includes flavors like Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter, Li Hing Pineapple, Spicy Mango, Cookie Butter, and Chocolate Hazelnut Banana just to name a few.

Now you are able to purchase our cotton candy directly through this website or through any store locations listed below.




Justin Isip

With a passion for communication, shown through his studies at San Francisco State University, he is committed to establishing Sugar & Spun as a household name.

Jason Angeles

MBA, San Francisco State University. He is a serial entrepreneur that has also founded Frozen Kuhsterd  and Hookt Mini Doughnuts. His ultimate goal is to reinvent the dessert segment.



Press Clippings

“OK, the idea might sound a little funny/Portlandia-ish, but how does Sugar & Spun’s ‘new age’ cotton candy actually taste? Pretty good actually.
— Paolo Lucchesi, San Francisco Chronicle
“Sugar & Spun takes your favorite childhood confection and just makes it better.
— Anna Almendrala, Huffington Post
“Trust us, friends—these are calories well spent. Just try not to inhale the whole container in one sitting.
— Pure Wow
“Put a wad of this grownup cotton candy on your tongue, and feel it melt almost instantly.
— Alissa Merksamer, 7x7.com
“F*ck this tastes like the best cotton candy I’ve ever had.
— Kevin Smith, Hollywood Babble-on Podcast
“Like mad scientists of the culinary world, Jason Angeles and Justin Isip are taking those clouds of spun sugar known as cotton candy to new heights of innovation.
— Food Network, Top 5 Restaurants (Street Food)


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